Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Rhapsody to iTunes for iPod

Music purchased from Rhapsody is under DRM protection, which stops customers from playing the downloaded music with other incompatible devices like Apple iPod and Microsoft Zune. If you don't continue to pay, you won't keep the music when the subscription expires. As we all know, iPod is one of the most popular and successful MP3 players. iPod owners can purchase various music songs from iTunes Store and listen to them with their iPods. However, if you prefer Rhapsody and find some songs in Rhapsody that are unavailable in iTunes store, yet you do want to enjoy these songs witn your new iPod, you are meeting the headache of Naspter being incompatible with iPod. So the following tutorial should be the solution.

The tools you will need:

TuneClone Audio Converter
Rhapsody Software
iTunes Library

1. Make settings in TuneClone Audio Converter

Download TuneClone (fully compatible with Windows XP and Windows Vista) from http://www.tuneclone.com/tuneclone_setup.exe and install it. After launching TuneClone, click the "Settings" button. In the pop-up dialog of "Options", you can specify the "Output Folder", "Output Filenames", "Output Format" (here we choose MP3), etc. for the output files.

Tip: You can get the output protection removed MP3 music folder by clicking the "Folder" button after the whole process.

TuneClone to convert DRM protected Rhapsody music to iTunes MP3 for iPod

2. Create a new playlist in Rhapsody

In the center left panel of Rhapsody, navigate to "Playlist". Then in the bottom left corner, click "New" to create a new playlist.

Click "File" and select "New Playlist" to create a new playlist in Rhapsody.

Drag and drop the music you are ready to burn to the new playlist from Rhapsody Library.

Transfer Rhapsody playlist to iPod

3. Make CD burning settings in Rhapsody

Click "Tools" and select "Preference..." from the drop-down list. Click "CD Burning" from the list in the left panel. In the "CD Burner Options", choose TuneClone virtual CD drive as preferred CD burner.

TuneClone to remove DRM and convert Rhapsody music to iPod

4. Start to burn

Click the "Burn CD" button to start the burning and encoding process.

After the burning gets started, TuneClone will automatically convert the music file to MP3. You can open the manager screen to show all the converted music files.

TuneClone to remove Rhapsody DRM for iPod

The most important step is to choose the CD burner. Then the software can convert the music files automatically. It is exceedingly easy when you want to batch convert lots of files.

After you get the output MP3 files converted from the Rhapsody music playlist in your Rhapsody, you can now begin to transfer the MP3 files to your iPod with the sync of iTunes.

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