Friday, August 20, 2010

TuneClone Audio Converter - Convert Any iTunes Music to MP3 on Windows and Mac

TuneClone today announced that TuneClone Audio Converter ( ) is now available for both Windows and Mac users who need to remove DRM copy protection from purchased music files in iTunes store in a legal way. The basic principle of this piece of music DRM removal software is that it simulates the process of burning an "Audio CD" and ripping it back. TuneClone Audio Converter makes a virtual CD-ROM drive, tricking your PC into believing that you are burning a CD. Therefore, the DRM is removed without wasting a CD.

Basically, when you purchase music from iTunes store, they are actually DRM protected content (in protected .aac or .m4p format) and you will not be able to play the .m4p files on MP3 players which do not support their formats. In other words, you are not allowed to play them beyond Apple environment, such as iTunes library, iPod, iPhone, iPad, etc. In such case, the option is to burn those tracks to a CD and then rip them once again to the computer HD wherein the DRM will be removed and you will get the tracks in (DRM free) .mp3 format. After this you will be able to transfer them to a memory card or to most MP3 players or mobile phones.

In case you have purchased a great amount of music from iTunes store, you can go ahead and use TuneClone which acts as a Virtual CD-ROM drive on your PC, and lets you remove the DRM element without having to waste actual CD's.

TuneClone is basically a program that acts as a virtual CD drive that allows you "burn" MP3 from iTunes and "rip" it. TuneClone "lies" to your computer saying that you have a CD-RW drive that it will burn to (like Alchohol 120%). You can use this to move your library of DRM protected music to the MP3 format that you can use on any player out there worth its salt. This is a useful tool for anyone looking to break their relationship with the iPod. The best part is that it maintains all of the music file's metadata.

Apart from removing DRM from iTunes .m4p music files, TuneClone (Windows & Mac) can also be used to convert iTunes aac to mp3, m4a to mp3, m4b to mp3, etc. It is dedicated to helping you convert any iTunes music to mp3 file so that you can play them on MP3/MP4 players or other mobile players such as Microsoft Zune, Sony PSP, RIM BlackBerry, Creative Zune, iriver, SanDisk Sansa, Sony Walkman, Cell Phone, Pocket PC, etc.